About Us

"We enable brand owners to be excellent in retail"

At Sourzing, we offer extensive knowhow and experience in all areas of luxury packaging and POS. Our services range from exclusive product packaging to displays, showcases, shop-in-shops and concept stores.

At Sourzing we are One-stop-shopping. You do not have to go anywhere else for packaging and POS materials. We will assist you in every aspect of the development – through the whole process from idea and concept to the finished product. Additionally, we can help you accomplish the individual stages of development should you need a hand from professionals along the way.

We have employees handling production locally at manufacturing facilities in China. Our offices in Dongguan and Wenzhou vouch for elements like procurement, production, quality assurance, warehousing and distribution. At Sourzing, we generally ensure that each element of the supply chain is a part of the same smooth and highly efficient process towards that refined packaging or retail display solution.

Since all our products are custom made, every concept we materialize is forged in close collaboration with the businesses we work for. Our offices in Kolding, Denmark; Hamburg, Germany and Singapore handle client communication.

Our knowledge, experience and general setup guarantee you the best match between price, quality and delivery. Working with us, you will increase the value of your luxury product and engrave your brand in the mind of customers.

Timeline & Milestones


Founded and started design and production of customized packaging


Open office in Hong Kong and Dongguan


Expanded office in China to Wenzhou


Expanded product portfolie to include POS

Opened office in Singapore


Design, development and delivery of solutions to 15.000 retail outlets worldwide


30 employees on offices in Denmark, China and Singapore


Sourzing Hong Kong Ltd. FSC certified

Awarded the 3rd consecutive Borsen Gazelle Growth Award


BDO and Spar Nord - 2nd consecutive Success Company of the Year award

Combined delivered solutions to 25.000 retail outlets worldwide in Watch and Jewelry industry


Sourzing A/S - FSC certified

Contact a Sourzing Member

Michael Hynkemejer,
Partner & CEO

 + 45 53 73 77 01

Ole Mikkelsen
Partner & COO

 + 45 22 36 00 05

Sebastian Stock,
Partner & Purchasing Director 

 +49 152 335 278 05

Mike Thanning,
Head of Project Department 

 + 45 53 73 77 05

Henriette S. Eriksen,
Project Manager

 + 45 53 73 77 06

Christina Lundsgaard,
Technical Product Designer

 + 45 53 73 77 07