Idea & Concept Development

We translate your brief into a visual design that tells your brand story

Manufacturing packaging and POS / POP (Point of Purchase) material can be a costly affair if you are not acquainted with the common design pitfalls. Years of experience have given us the knowhow as to methods and materials. At Sourzing, we love to play with new ideas. We honor no rules that cannot be broken under the right circumstances, but we also know what is at stake and how to experiment without jeopardizing your business and our reputation.

The fact is that 98% of the time, we know a new idea will work even before we try it. We will have attempted something similar already. In the remaining 2% of cases, you will not find a partner more qualified in terms of carrying out a calculated risk, a controlled and thought-through experiment that will turn out a success.

Creativity and craftsmanship, playfulness and knowhow, inspiration and implementation. When you team up with Sourzing that is what will take you through the concept development stage. These are the elements you will find in the sketches and drawings, which results from this phase of production.

Prototype Development

We develop samples of your products

First, we agree on price, conditions and delivery time. Then, we head into the very important stage of developing the prototype(s).

The prototype serves as the basis for the final product design. It is manufactured according to the sketches and drawings we have agreed upon during concept development. Typically, you deliver logo and other graphic design to be used in the project where as we create the actual packaging or POS design.

If there are costs for tools and others related to the development of the prototype, we will agree on these before we begin. From agreeing on design and drawings, the process of making your protosample normally takes from 2 – 4 weeks, depending on the job.

Our Asian office will ship the protosample for your approval. Should you wish to make changes, we will help you make a new sample. Alternatively, we will adjust and proceed straight to production. Once the prototype is approved, production will be launched. 

Sourcing & Production

We ensure responsible mass production

Production begins once you have approved the prototype that we have delivered in cooperation with our Chinese manufacturing partner.

Asian production does not always happen as in the EU or the United States. We have to keep an eye on things and make sure that everything runs as planned before and during production process.

Our own local employees in China oversee production. The factories we use have signed a Code of Conduct contract and Sourzing staff see to it that ethical standards are met in regards to the environment and not the least, the men and women working on our solutions. Our staff make sure that we are on track in regards to product quality and delivery time. If there are other factors to take into account along the way, they will be dealt with right at the factory.

Sourzing’s Chinese employees speak the language, understand the local culture, the work environment and ways of communication. They are the ones who make sure that your product is delivered flawless at the first go, thereby enabling us to keep down the prices of our service.

Quality Assurance

We secure the quality before shipping

Our employees in China are trained to carry out quality control according to AQL standards. When production is completed, all products are checked before they ship.

During quality control, we verify that the manufacturing facility has carried out production based on the prototype you have approved – and that the batch you will receive otherwise will meet your formal expectations.

If there are special circumstances associated with the product that require testing for things like chemicals, dyes, etc., we use external laboratories.

The continuous training, the skills of our Chinese employees, their proximity to and knowhow about Chinese production are among the unique characteristics of Sourzing as a company. These aspects are your assurance that the products you receive from us are delivered as promised in terms of price, quality and delivery time. 

Logistics & Warehousing

We provide warehousing solution in Asia & Europe

Naturally, we see to it that your order is shipped in the most appropriate way. Depending on location, merchandise and your wishes, we ship by air, sea, road and rail. We have years of experience in transportation and logistics and in the potential challenges regarding export from China. We are happy to assist you in any or all of the transportation stages, in order for your products to arrive safely at the desired destination.

The challenges of delivery from an Asian country are met by experienced local employees who are educated in shipping, warehousing and logistics.

Besides the actual transportation of goods, we offer various storage solutions in suitable warehouses in China, Germany, Holland and Denmark.


We deliver everywhere and whenever you need it

To an increasing degree, we take over the task of distributing our products directly to the various customer outlets. We are able to take orders from the warehourses or outlets you own or do business with. We can handle the billing and delivery of the packaging and POS material that the individual retailer needs to maximize sales.

We deliver your solutions neatly packed on pallets or in containers – all depending on how you like it.

A cooperation on distribution generally diminishes the risk of damage while in transit. It shortens the lead time. It is economically advantageous, as well as protecting the environment from unnecessary transport.