Meet Ole!

Ole Mikkelsen is one of the co-founders of Sourzing and based at our Kolding headquarters.

Ole Mikkelsen is one of the co-founders of Sourzing and based at our Kolding headquarters. 

While he focuses his attention on our sales efforts today, that has not always been the case. Over the years, Ole has been involved with all of the services that Sourzing performs. From technical design to invoicing.

This means that he knows what is going on in every one of our departments, understands the stages of development and how to work out even the most detailed retail solution request. Customized is his game.

Before our team of designers arrived, it was Ole’s steady hand that led the pen on the drawing board. He kept some of his sketches - for reference and for the sake of the stories, they hold.

Ole Remembers...

Nowadays, our designers have the skills, software, talents and tools to work it all out at a completely different level. But back in the day, I would sit down with our clients, listen to their wishes and needs for a sales cabinet, and draw up sketches of their very first showcases.

One time, a client needed their samples approved in time to set up showcases at a fair. It was just around Christmas, a busy time at our production sites – so we knew it was going to be a close call.

I forget whether it was on December 22 or 23, but just a couple of days before Christmas, we had the samples sent off with express courier, left our families and the country, and went straight to the client for the sample delivery inspection at their headquarters.

Everything arrived on time, the fair was a success and the finished and full retail solution landed in stores the following year. Those days were intense but presenting a custom-made solution to our client that they loved, was a great Christmas present.

Off-duty Ole

When Ole is not out on Sourzing business, he tours the party scene with his live band, where he has played the bass for more than 25 years. He also rides his mountain bike through the Danish forests or the south of Europe for more of a horizontal challenge.

We suspect this is part of the reason why he is always upbeat around the office.

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