The Story of the Arctic Design Adventures with BERING

Ole has been involved with many customized Sourzing solutions over the years. One that stands out for him is the collaboration with long-term partner, BERING on the glass packaging designed for their watches.

Since it was founded in 2010, watch and jewelry brand BERING, has been on a global growth journey with selling points from Greece to Guadaloupe. Sourzing supplied their packaging from the beginning.

Inspired by the pure elements and raw nature, Ole worked with BERING to bring the look of the Arctic into a packaging solution. The result was the frosted glass.

"Like a piece of the frozen Arctic sea. This packaging really extends the BERING experience," was the review back then. To this day, that unboxing experience remains the same.

The BERING Glass 

A Branding Sweet Spot...

The BERING glass is a packaging solution that tics boxes on many levels. Ole shares his insights on why. 

First of all, he says, no one else in the business has a packaging solution like it. The glass is unique to BERING. This means that customers recognize the timepieces by the storage as well as by the product design. When those two factors can be combined, you have hit a branding sweet spot!

The overall response and feedback we get from retailers, the people who are tasked with storing the products and presenting them for sale, is that the glass packaging differentiates BERING from the competition. That ability, I think, for a packaging solution to bring something extra and help the product stand out in merchandising, is treasured out there in retail.

Designed for repurpose 

When is packaging more than delivery material? This question was essential to the concept development with BERING. To Ole, the design provides an answer.

The real genius of the glass, in my opinion, is its flexibility. The primary intention of a storage solution is of course that the watches can be safely kept, but aside from that function, though, the glass has a variety of uses and is durable for more life cycles than just as storage to a watch.

We use it around the Sourzing office for tealights! This feature makes BERING a visible part of everyday scenery in other and more ways than a standard packaging box would.

Call it flexibility or repurpose, the cool thing about the glass is that it can be used for a long time. If we want to manage waste in a sustainable way, then the keywords to work with are reduce, recycle and reuse.

The fact that BERING’s customers can keep and use their watch storage for other purposes instead of just throwing it away, is an effective way to minimize waste.

Sustainability, in our line of work, is about responsibility. With a multipurpose packaging solution, customers have less waste to handle because of the decisions that went into the design. That is a responsible way to send off products; in packaging that stays functional.

Meet Ole!
Ole Mikkelsen is one of the co-founders of Sourzing and based at our Kolding headquarters.