A display solution designed to evoke the genius of world renowned architect, Arne Jacobsen.

The focus of COPENHAGEN WATCH GROUP A/S (CWG) is exquisite Danish watch design. The group supplies retailers worldwide with legendary Arne Jacobsen designs. That is the classic Arne Jacobsen watches and the Picto editions.

Sourzings POS solution includes LED lighted showcases and display interior. A straight line is drawn to the world famous Danish architect and designer through the re-use of some of his most well-known designs. The POS uses miniature versions of the chair ‘The Egg’ to name one example. The small watch display stands also feature an Arne Jacobsen pattern design.

According to CWG, the POS material draws the attention of buyers at retailers. It differentiates the watches from competing products and creates a mental connection to other creations of the genius that designed them.