Customized Retail Solutions

Qualify for the Finest Space in any Outlet

There are quite a few advantages to effective retail display. Some have to do with consumer behavior. In a world of nearly unlimited selections of goods, our purchases are increasingly governed by impulse. If you know how to grab the attention of people and present your product in a tempting light, research shows that people will buy, though they did not plan to do so prior to entering the outlet.

At Sourzing we are experts in conceiving and manufacturing elegant and mind capturing displays, POP and POS props, fixtures and shop-in-shops. Through the years, we have helped established as well as upcoming brands intrigue potential customers with our retail display solutions. We assist in every aspect of the development – from concept to the finished display – through the whole process or at the stages where you need a hand from professionals.

Facts on POS / POP / Retail Display Solutions

A well-crafted retail display solution advertises your product as well as your brand at the end of the customer journey. There are barriers to the audience’s attention here that you have to break through to move your goods, but also favorable conditions for actually making sales.

Learn more about the research conducted in  Harvard Business School  and  POPAI , the Global Association for Marketing at Retail.


  • According to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen there are around 30.000 new consumer products (SKUs) introduced every year. Sadly 95% fail.
  • Consumers are hit with 3,000 messages every day from different sorts of marketing channels. You have 3 seconds to grab the attention and make an impact on in-store audience.

Shopper’s behavior (favorable conditions)

  • - 82% of mass merchant purchase decisions that regards the individual item of a certain brand are made in-store
  • - 34% of the shoppers reported that they do not use a shopping list, while 47% rely on a mental list
  • - Only 21% of shoppers use circulars and 18% use newspapers or mailers to preplan the shopping trip
  • - 62% of the shoppers in the study picked up items on impulse during their trip
  • - 16% of these unplanned purchases were driven by a display the shopper saw while shopping
  • - Women were slightly less likely to make specifically planned purchases at 18% vs. men at 24%

“Today, the results support that retailers and brands have more opportunity to capture the decision of mass merchant shoppers in the store, because more of these channel shoppers are walking in without a list”. says Richard Winter, president of POPAI (Point-of-Purchase Advertising International).