The challenge was to extend the DULONG philosophy to product packaging.

DULONG Fine Jewelry offers classic, edgy and glamorous jewelry of exemplary craftsmanship. All designs exude exceptional quality and are meticulously handcrafted and innovatively designed for maximum allure. DULONG Fine Jewelry has several times designed, restored and redesigned jewelry for HRH Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark.

DULONG entered a cooperation with Sourzing on showcases and glass towers in 2016. As style experts, DULONG’s representatives knew exactly how the POS had to carry their jewelry. They had high and very precise demands to the general outline of the furniture and the internal display stands, lighting, colors and materials used all around.

Sourzings challenge was to make their dreams come true. The job was not only to create a solution that looked good and delivered on DULONG’s formal requirements. It was to create a solution that speaks quality and elevates the jewelry in their classic and glamorous yet raw character.

That said, Sourzing cannot of course take credit for DULONG‘s recent success throughout Scandinavia. We can however say that we stand with DULONG, because our showcases, towers and display stands bear their fine jewelry.