A box that opens when you pull a thin thread – just like at the Oscars.

MAX RENÉ has been a synonym for exquisite Danish watch design since 1977. He is twice awarded with the honorable Swiss “International Watch of the Year”-prize and in addition renowned for his collaboration with the Danish Bang & Olufsen-designer, Jacob Jensen, who is considered one of the most influential industrial designers in the 20th century.

MAX RENÉ is a watchmaker with the finest merits. Sourzings job was to reveal the designer and expand his minimalistic design style, known as Danish Modern, to the brand’s watch packaging. Additionally, it was to prepare an adventurous unboxing experience. Naturally, MAX RENÉ has physical outlets, but most of the watches are sold online. One might say that a great unboxing experience is especially beneficial to online sales. It adds to the value of a product you have not really held in your hand at least for a while. It promotes online word of mouth exposure and often leads to free publicity in the form of unboxing videos and social mentions.

Sourzings solution was a sealed box that opens when you pull a thin thread – just like an envelope at the Oscars. The manual and others are hidden away at the bottom of the case and the watch fits tightly in the black mount above.

At the request of MAX RENÉ, Sourzing has expanded the packaging concept to include watch straps, which are sold separately as accessories. The company has used the packaging concept for the last 5 years.