We don’t believe in shipping air! Designing for visionary Mondaine.

Mondaine, historic Swiss watch manufacturer, creates timepieces responsibly and champions sustainable gift-worthy packaging – the new partnership with Sourzing matches visions with function and design .

As an earned milestone in decade-long journey, Mondaine reached a 100% carbon emission neutral status in 2020. Their sustainability efforts to achieve this included extensive attention to details in all areas of business, from green energy production to component design and, of course, packaging.

Shipping is a considerable factor of a company’s carbon footprint. Making sure that transportation is efficient, with as much products being moved from factory to warehouse as lightly as possible – without ever compromising quality, is essential in order to reduce the impact.

We don’t believe in shipping air!

If your ambition is carbon footprint reduction, then think volume and weight reduction. It’s not just a matter of looking at the amount of business travel, or the waste, power and water resources in the production stages.

When it comes to moving the watches around, it has to be at a scale and in a way, which contributes positively on the carbon impact, too. At Sourzing, we don’t believe in shipping around air, says Henriette, Sourzing project manager on the solution for Mondaine.

Smaller, lighter, sustainable   

Bulky and big watch boxes are a thing of the past. The overall trend is to minimize the dimensions of packaging. Our solution for Mondaine took this into account.

A drawer box design is a clever and sophisticated way of showcasing the full length of an elegant timepiece, and it allows for convenient stacking, Henriette explains.

We worked closely with Mondaine on the concept, taking into consideration every and any wish, they had regarding the look and feel of the packaging solution for their new watch. We know how much time, thought and effort, our partners have put into their work. When we are tasked with the job to display their work in a way, which not only honors all that came before, but also enables the products to go on through from shipping phase to shopping experience in one smooth transition, it is as an obligation to quality and excellence, we are very proud to take on for them.

The way we see it, presenting watches and jewelry with luxury, is the same thing as presenting with sustainably in mind.

Swiss Quality – Scandinavian Minimalism

The Drawer box solution for Mondaine has an outer sleeve to protect it during transportation, made from FSC certified grey board, just as the box, from responsibly sourced wood materials. The printing is set in soybean ink and all felt, rubber and cotton components are recycled, made from rPET just like the watch strap. Binding it all together is non-toxic glue for safe production and handling.

Box Solution Specifications:

- FSC C2S + FSC grey board

- Soybean ink

- Inlay: rPET felt, rubber + cotton elastic, FSC CCNB

- rPET ribbon

- Sleeve: FSC CCNB

- Non-toxic glue

Being Swiss, the red and white colors are integral parts of the Mondaine DNA. This needed to be reflected in our design solution, so we decided on a minimalistic approach, enhancing the colors with a shine effect to let them stand out, Henriette adds. The details with the Swiss flag works very well in this composition, both as a printed feature in the logo, as a tag and inside the box for continuity.