Packaging Gift Bags

Customized Packaging Solutions

The Promise of a Great Experience

The gift bags you distribute in the name of your business tell people whom they are dealing with. They speak to people’s senses and emotions and in addition to holding a product, they should hold a promise. This should be a promise of a great experience that adds to the value of the product inside and makes the one carrying the bag want to return repeatedly to your business

At Sourzing, we make all sorts of elegant gift bags delivering your brand message and enhancing the pleasure of a purchase from your brand. Choose foldable nets, carrying bags, purses, tote bags or small bags in the exact material that evokes the expression you want to create: plastic, paper, PP woven & non-woven, recycled or sustainable materials – just to name a few. We are with you all the way. We help you design the right gift bags, the ones that express who you are.

Tell us about your ideas and requirements. We are always pleased to offer additional insight into a solution that would be right for you.