Packaging Plano Boxes

Customized Packaging Solutions

The Right One

Cardboard and paper boxes have very different expressions depending on the size, shape and finish of the materials. Some boxes fold with or without separate lids. Some are decorated with logo, writing and artwork.

It takes experience to foresee and get to a perfect piece of packaging without expensive detours. That is true for the more economical plano boxes too. At Sourzing we help you design the right one. It will be a plano box that emphasizes your brand, supplements your product and that will not go unnoticed by your target audience on the shelves in your outlets.

Visions behind Your Product

Our plano boxes are moderately priced, practical yet exclusive. This packaging emphasizes your brand and ups the value of your product.

At Sourzing, we pride ourselves of being able to control every aspect of the packaging creation process – from start to finish. This ensures a final product of the finest quality – a solution, that you will be able to benefit from in years to come.