Retail Display

Customized Retail Solutions

Extend the Experience

Decades of efficiency enhancements and increased focus on self-service has led to the use of fewer sales assistants. Good POP / POS compensates. It sells by placing the product and brand in a context that attracts the spectator on an intuitive and emotional level – thereby diminishing the need for sales pitches and explanation.

Besides that, a display seldom stands alone, but acts as the last station of the customer’s journey. It amplifies and reminds the consumer of the messages he or she has received from your brand beforehand.

That is why we design and manufacture every display on the basis of thorough communication with the clint and intimate knowledge of product and brand. A retail display, that we have conceptualized and created, extends the experience of your luxury product. It adds to its value and tells your brand story.

Luxury on Display

We assist luxury brands with every category of retail display – be it table, floor or wall displays in every conceivable size, shape or sort of material: wood, paper, metal, plastic, glass etc.

We have extensive experience in creating display solutions for established as well as upcoming brands. They choose us as their strategic partner, because we know how to embed their brand messages in the displays, we create. Communication, creativity, innovation and knowhow. That is what your get teaming up with us at Sourzing.

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