Retail Showcases  

Customized Retail Solutions

A Formidable Standard of Presentation

The advantages of a strong retail display solution shows in relation to the general possibility of promoting your product. Especially within the luxury segment, outlets need to maintain a formidable standard of presentation. High rental cost in major cities and limited exhibition space pushes brands to fierce competition for the most favorable in-store display spaces. Brands who manage to create an intriguing experience force the less deserving off the floor – in some cases no matter the product or brand.

As a necessary means to theft prevention, showcases are often an essential part of the exhibition setup. The inner LED lighting and materials of Sourzing’s showcases are chosen and fitted to tell your brand story and present your product in an attractive and authentic context. Everything is customized to capture the minds of your target audience, move your product and of course comply with regulations throughout the continents where you do business.